Been meaning to start blogging more

Been meaning to start blogging more.


Been meaning to start blogging more

Really been busy with Christmas orders and doctors appointments and haven’t been blogging at all. But new year, new priorities!!

I have finally finished my big quilt project the Puffy Quilt on steroids that I made. It is for a twin bed and is wicked heavy and warm. I was inspired to make this after last February and us loosing power for a week due to a winter storm here!!!  Even with the generator and the Eden pure heater going, and every single knitted or crocheted afghan on us we were still a bit cold. Now that I have this quilt, that won’t happen again.

I was busy before Christmas making a ton of my Pot Scrubbie pads that i crochet!!!  I had several return customers that wanted them for stocking stuffers, as they wanted to share them with family & friends. I was very happy for all that work, but wow they are quite a chore to make.  But they are a labor of love as I know how great this work, and am eager to share with others, they save on the amount of dish detergent you use and are healthier for you. As if you use a sponge, the get smelly and are just a petri-dish of bacteria!!!!  These aren’t as they air dry wonderful, and really don’t hang onto a ton of water after you wring them out!!!!  Yes, with my scrubbies you can actually wring them out when done!!!  And I sew them together instead of crocheting them together so they are even more sturdy.

So that is what i have been up to, I guess it’s time to get going today and start working on some jewelry today. Always something to do,  but i so have to admit I just haven’t been too creative as of late. For some reason my motivation has flown out the window! dish scrubbie magenta.puffy quilt

The trials of being creative

As I start another week I try to look back at what I accomplished last week. I had 3 sales which is great, but at the same time I really need to increase my sales. I know I need to start doing flea markets, swap meets, and rummage sales, but my health just fights me every step of the way.

It is hard to do all this with having the fibromyalgia and back issues, but I need to start doing it. I want to share my jewelry with people and when people buy it validates my designs and gives me the boost to create more. I have always been a crafty gal, doing my crocheting and knitting and other projects. But, when I would go to the sales and set my booth up I would sell ok, but I would always notice the people selling jewelry just raking it in. I would always think to myself wow, that is where the money is, too bad I am not creative that way. Yes, I was selling my self short.

But over this winter I started thinking to myself I need to try this, at the very least I can follow patterns and make things that I would think people would find pretty. Plus after buying stitch markers in the store and finding them to be really cheaply made I looked at them one day and thought to myself that I could do it better. So, I started figuring out what I needed to make them, watched some videos on utube to see how to do a few things and then I started making stitch markers.

After making quite a few of them I thought to myself, well I have an eye for styling them, why can’t I do the same with jewelry and next thing you know I am at the craft store buying up supplies and making earrings, then next thing you know I am doing necklaces, and now I am doing whole sets of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I have to say I am a bit addicted to making bracelets and necklaces!!! So fun to design, and so many cute things out there to use on them.

So that is my journey as of late, and some days I just sit and stare at my beads and such and nothing comes to me, other days I can’t even keep up with my ideas. I have so many crafting things I do it seems I never have enough time to do it all. I have a wonderful sewing machine that I haven’t touched in weeks, a cricut machine that God knows the last time I used. I just wish I can get a more even approach to everything. I have a quilt that is sitting in my room that is almost done, a pile of hanging kitchen towels that need finishing touches. So much to do and so little time, and this is even with me being a FT housewife. That is the challenge, I have a small house but yet it seems to suck up all my time just keeping up with the house work and doing the laundry.

If only I was like Genie of I Dream of Jeanie and I could blink and all my house work would be done and I could have all that time for crafting, not too mention blinking and getting rid of my fibromyalgia and back problems!!!!